Month: July 2016

About Anna’s Massage


60 minute Massage or just 30minute for Special Pain Area

Do you have joint pain? Do you have sinus problems? What about low back pain or scoliosis? Are you looking for the underlying cause of your pain? Technician Yuan Zhao, provides a holistic alternative for pain relief and prevention. The focus is treatment, relief and prevention of chronic pain. She got her traditional Chinese massage therapists certificate from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and also examination by the Federal massage. Some of the modalities that may be used are: Chinese Massage Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Sports Massage. Has over six years of experience to help you feel more relaxed and more comfortable. Please call (614) 867-5332 for an appointment.

30, 45, 60 minute Reflexology

Do your feet feel hurt and tight? Your feet will be put in warm Chinese medicine water for 5 minutes to make your feet feel relaxed. Then I will do a foot massage. The principle of Reflexology is “reflex areas”on the hands and feet which correspond to other parts of the whole body. Using compression touch on these specific areas improves overall circulation and helps the person relax. Please call (614) 867-5332 for an appointment.

15 minute Chair Massage

Do you have neck and shoulder tightness or pain? You just need to give yourself a little time and come to Anna’s Relaxation Studio to try a 15-Minute Chair Massage. Yuan Zhao will work out the knots in your shoulders, and give more pressure on the knots, to make you feel better. Very effective and professional. Please text (614) 867-5332 for an appointment.