Anna’s relaxation studio is coming soon

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Anna is waiting for her new relaxation studio coming out.

We finally chose a good location , which is very close to where Anna used to work.

Anna will provide professional Chinese accupresure massage. A good massage can help you relief stress, reduce body pain, improve symptoms of depression, relax and soften injured,tired,and overused muscles, release endorphin, rebuild immunity – the body’s natural defense system. So every body deserves a massage.

ARS-Anna’s Relaxation Studio will also provide alternative health care tips, yoga, tai-chi, and qigong classes, art therapy and designer, althele, elderly people discount.

Our little studio will not only provide you a cozy relax and comfort zone, it also will be a artsy space to present your art work, catch your inspirations, communicate with friends and a tranquility place to do meditation and find your inner peace.

We will update our blog periodically. Collect customer feed back. Distribute massage and accupresure news and trends. Please stay tune.


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